Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

“Higher quality and innovation at lower cost, time and risk”

Agile processes for managing the entire software life cycle

A modern organization needs an Agile model for software delivery. Continuous delivery is a software development approach which has become a key pillar in digital transformation strategies.

Continuous delivery is the ability to quickly bring software to where it has the most value: into the users’ hands. It’s the understanding that software development, implementation, and release are all processes with a common goal: to provide the best software to our users.

Automated software delivery workflow

From check-in to deployment in production

By establishing a complete process of continuous delivery, we have managed to achieve a fully automated workflow for the entire software life cycle, integrating all the necessary steps from code check-in to deployment in the production environment.

Agile delivery life cycle for Agile software development

Accelerating software delivery life cycles

As we believe in Agile methodologies for software development, we also believe in continuous delivery to quickly deliver software to our clients following the Agile approach, leading to smaller more frequent releases and less risk.

Less time-to-market = greater competiveness

Eliminate manual processes and unnecessary bureaucracy from your delivery life cycle

We know that bringing software from its initial idea to the end user and passing through all the intermediate steps (development, testing, deployment in different environments, etc.) is a complicated and tedious process.

What we look to do by using a continuous delivery life cycle is as simple as this: reduce the minimum time and effort required to make changes to software in the production environment.

If your company takes several days or weeks to implement a change in the production environment, it’s losing its competitive edge.

By implementing the continuous delivery, taking to production a modification of the software will be an almost immediate action, which will achieve a shorter time-to-market and get more competitive.