InsurTech+ is an entrepreneurial space at the service of innovation and technology to boost the Insurtech ecosystem, allowing startups and corporations to compete in the new structure of the insurance sector.

InsurTech+ is a corporate initiative of Profile Software Services with the objective of accompanying startups and corporations, increasing the portfolio of high value-added services, given its brand positioning within the insurance sector.

Value proposition

InsurTech+ is the reference space to accompany insurtechs and corporations in their business activities to innovate, apply technology and generate value in the Infrastructure, Distribution and Service areas of the insurance sector value chain.

The InsurTech+ value proposition is divided into 3 areas:



  1. Assessment of needs and objectives

  2. Analysis of the insurance sector

  3. Selection of InsurTech startups



  1. Organisation of meetings

  2. Presentation of solutions and technologies

  3. Compatibility assessment



  1. Designing strategic partnerships

  2. Implementation and monitoring

  3. Evaluation of results

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