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The view of Profile employees

In our last anonymous survey on job satisfaction in 2017, 93% of our team recommends Profile as a company to work for.

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Jesús Silla Díez - UX/UI Designer

Jesús Silla Díez

UX/UI Designer

“Profile has always given us free rein to organize and carry out tasks the way we choose”

From the first day that I arrived, Profile welcomed me warmly, making my first transitional days much easier. Since that moment, I have received training and attended events relevant to my sector, allowing me to continue growing and stay up to date with the latest technology trends.

I am grateful to be able to share my time with a brilliant UX team, from which I learn every day and to which I try to contribute my experience gained during my years of work. Profile has always given us free rein to organize and carry out tasks the way we choose. Thus, we have put into practice cutting-edge methodologies to optimize the user experience of our clients that otherwise would have been more difficult to carryout.

Currently I’m working in a project for a large company, where every day I’m faced with a new challenge that obligates me to give my best. In this project I am collaborating with colleagues who have a large amount of knowledge in different technologies that, for every conversation I have with them, open up new horizons for me“.

José A. Íñigo - Software Architect & CTO

José A. Íñigo

Sofware Architect & CTO

“You are surrounded by colleagues that are always willing to help and share their knowledge”

“In my more than 8 years in Profile, I have lived its evolution in becoming a key reference in the implementation of Cloud architectures and web development. I have been able to work with top-level clients, with a cutting-edge technology environment, bridging digital transformation processes from legacy systems to microservice-based environments, applying Agile methodologies, and implementing cultural, process, and platform changes necessary to create DevOps teams.

On a personal level, I would highlight 3 aspects. First, the continuous training that allows you to obtain certifications like MongoDB Developer Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, or Red Hat Delivery Specialist. Second, Profile offers flexible working hours to offer true work-life balance.

And finally, another aspect equally or even more important: the excellent work environment. In Profile you are surrounded by colleagues that transmit their passion for technology and are always willing to help and share their knowledge”.

David Cacho - Software Engineer

David Cacho

Software Engineer & Scrum Master

“I have had the chance to work with new technologies that are completely up to date”

“Since I joined Profile 5 years ago, I have been able to grow professionally, not only in the technical aspect but also in the management field.

I have had the chance to work with new technologies that are completely up to date, surrounded by incredible people who are willing to help with any doubts, which has allowed me to learn about technologies that before were unfamiliar to me.

And also, it’s the great environment with helpful colleagues that makes such a big difference in comparison to other companies. If we add the flexible hours and the remote work possibilities, Profile is the ideal place to develop professionally“.

Miguel Martínez - Linux Sysadmin

Miguel Martínez

Linux Sysadmin

“In Profile I have had the opportunity to develop professionally”

“In Profile I have had the opportunity to develop professionally in the area of systems administration, from traditional or “legacy” Windows/Linux environments to the latest technologies in Cloud architectures.

I regularly work in deployment of high-availability system infrastructures in various Cloud providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure; in the development of low-level code infrastructures with Terraform or Ansible; and the orchestration of services through Docker containers with Kubernetes and Red Hat Openshift. For me, it’s a determining factor to be able to work with and develop these kinds of services and technologies together with my colleagues in Profile”.

Anna García - Recruiter and Talent Management

Anna García

Recruiter and Talent Management

“Profile offers a very good balance between team work and individual responsibilities”

“Profile is a company that is not afraid to innovate. It offers a very good balance between team work and individual responsibilities. Your opinion is valued and you have the freedom to self-actualize, without feeling like you’re flying solo and that you have to learn everything on your own.

I would highlight the work atmosphere that is breathed in Profile: close-knit, dynamic, young, people with desire, people with passion, always ready to collaborate and grow together. This is something that, for me, is very important but unfortunately isn’t always provided in other companies.

Waking up wanting to go to work shouldn’t be a luxury!

Sergio Jimón - Full Stack Developer

Sergio Jimón

Full Stack Developer

“Thanks to Profile’s training plan, I’ve learned new programming languages”

“My experience has been, and continues to be, very enriching both professionally and personally. I have been working here for about two years and during all of this time, Profile has always allowed me to change projects whenever it was possible, and thanks to the training plan, learn new programming languages.

The work atmosphere is really good, you always have colleagues who offer to help and allow themselves to be helped. You can participate in paid training and attend important events. One of the aspects that I value the most about the company is the remote work, since I’m from Tarragona it makes my life much easier. I always recommend this company to everyone who asks my opinion”.

Emilio Ocampos

Emilio Ocampos

Software Engineer

“Few companies can say that they have people with this level of commitment”

“In my 2 years and a half in Profile, my experience can be roughly divided in 2 levels: professional and personal.

On a professional level it has been a success. Not because I’m a genius, but because of the people around me. Their knowledge and support make learning and developing new technologies not seem like part of the job but instead a hobby. This, in this day and age, is greatly appreciated, and few companies can say they have people with this level of commitment, not only to the company but also to their colleagues. On the personal front, it’s impressive the work environment created in the office, it makes your colleagues become your friends and the after-work hangouts feel like family gatherings”.

Hugo Martínez Jara

Hugo Martínez Jara

Analyst Programmer

“I have recommended a number of people who are now thrilled to form part of this team”

I have been in Profile for 3 years and I have recommended the company to a number of people who are now thrilled to form part of this team. In my case, when I was not assigned to any external projects, Profile suggested I work on internal projects. They offered me various, and I was allowed to choose whichever I found to be the most interesting (for location, technologies, and hours), which sets Profile far apart from consultancies that discard employees once their projects have finished.

The projects offered in Profile are characterized by the use of vanguard technologies. And the people who dominate these technologies (there are a lot of them) make sure to give courses to the rest of the employees, something I really value. If you’re one of these people, you can encourage yourself to give a course (paid of course).

Antonio Granjo

Antonio Granjo

Software Architect

“I really like our practical and realistic approach to technology”

“Profile proves that there are companies who understand what is the right environment so that technology professionals can give the best of ourselves. Profile trusts the ability and autonomy of people to achieve a goal, and that freedom and confidence give you a huge motivation and make you really feel part of a great team.

Profile values your ability to learn, to solve new challenges, and to share knowledge to your colleagues. Your ideas will always be heard, regardless of your experience, job or seniority in the company.

I really like our practical and realistic approach to technology, always keeping a critical and objective point of view to choose the right solution and of course always keeping and eye on the latest trends and technologies: Profile is always present in the most important tech events and it is usual to develop our own projects with cutting-edge technologies to anticipate the needs of our clients.”

Carlos Iván Morales

Carlos Iván Morales

Senior J2EE Developer

“The perfect place to grow professionally. One of the best places I have worked”

“I can only have good words from what I found in Profile. Whenever you enter a new place, you do it with some fear, but from the beginning, everything has been perfect, and I could summarize that it is one of the best places I have worked.

The people who make up the teams, an example to follow, all predisposed to help you in everything forming a great family. Every day that passes more happy to have signed. All advantages: flexible hours, internal training courses, telework, location, technologies with which they work, and above all, good atmosphere.

I think Profile is the perfect place to grow professionally”.