This is how we helped FIATC

I would like to thank the entire team of Profile, who with their involvement and technical level have made a complex project seem simple to perform. A pleasure to have worked with you.

Thanks to the knowledge, experience and proactivity of the team of Profile, we have managed to create an automated, safe and quality environment that has allowed us to unify the deployments of all our applications.

Looking for excellence, FIATC has relied on Profile to modernize these processes and to define a homogenous, governed and secure flow.




Continuous Delivery

Type of service


Technological area

Web architecture and development

Jenkins configuration and implementation of Continuous Delivery

The Challenge

FIATC, is an insurance company with more than 80 years of history, whose mission is to improve the welfare and quality of life of its policyholders. This is possible thanks to its insurance products and services, designed by experts and offered through specialized advice and personalized attention.

The insurer has standardized the deployment of its applications managed by the Architecture team. This allows the construction of Web Projects and their delivery in different environments in a flexible way that integrates certain government processes.

Looking for excellence, FIATC has relied on Profile to modernize these processes, concentrating them all on a Continuous Delivery tool, Jenkins, to define a homogenous, governed and secure flow.

Our Solution

Profile proposed to FIATC the correct configuration of the current Jenkins installation, and allow the continuous delivery of applications developed with different technologies, in order to obtain the following benefits:

  • Reduce the time-to-market of applications. Jenkins facilitates the automation as far as possible of the tasks involved in the construction within the CD flow.
  • Enable the integration mechanisms of QA processes. The use of pipelines allows trivially the integration with static code analysis tools and unit testing to increase the quality and confidence in the software produced.
  • Accelerate the put in production of business needs, focusing on adding value.

The fundamental tasks that have been addressed in the project have been:

  • Definition of the Web Project workflow
    • Management of Git branches
    • Change deployment methodology
  • Configuration and parameterization of Jenkins
    • Review of the current installation
    • Installation and update of the necessary plugins
    • Implementation of Continuous Delivery pipelines (CD)
    • Analysis of the set of pipelines needed
    • Development of a shared library that centralizes the maintenance and evolution of pipelines
    • Integration of traceability and feedback mechanisms

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