Analytics & CRO

Through specific measurement systems and a rigorous process of data collection, analysis, activation and visualization, we can offer optimal performance in each action to extract clear insights that respond to business needs and thus detect opportunities and improvements.

A complete measurement and analytics allows us to make recommendations and actions to optimize the strategy in SEO, SEM, Social Network campaigns, etc. With this control and monitoring, we improve performance, thus increasing conversions and detecting new sales opportunities.

How we do it




We collect the necessary information to lead your business to success. Through the collection of data from digital assets, we design and implement a standardized and quality data layer (DataLayer).

We unify and simplify the technical implementation of the entire martech ecosystem through the main Tag Managers in the market, allowing:

  • Centralized data management without dependencies on development teams.
  • Better tag loading performance.
  • Greater agility for business teams and simplicity of workflows.

We configure and implement cookie consent management tools so that your business complies with all privacy policies and GDPR.




We accompany you throughout the analytics process. We analyze the digital assets of your business through the main qualitative and quantitative analytical tools allowing:

  • Get quality insights.
  • Facilitate strategic business decision making.
  • Analyze the performance of channels and campaigns.
  • Understand the user and improve their experience.

Besides, for new functionalities or digital assets: we design measurement plans, taxonomy documents (SDR), labeling guides and configure your analytical tools. We also perform migrations between different tools or from previous versions of Google Analytics.


Activation (CRO)


We maximize conversion rates (CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization) by analyzing user behavior and generating hypotheses that we validate with tools that allow us to obtain statistical significance.

We detect inefficiencies in the main digital business processes and generate hypotheses to be validated through tests that allow us to improve the user experience efficiently, reducing the burden on development teams and speeding up decision-making.

We design and implement the personalization of data-driven user experiences so that the right audience has the optimal experience.




We create multi-source dashboards, integrating data from various tools and/or databases that help the different stakeholders to understand the business data easily and quickly.

We work with the main data visualization tools on the market to establish end-to-end measurements that allow us to understand strategic KPIs through the technological stack of a business.

Our projects

New Retail Frontage

We developed the system for contracting commercial policies.

Creating a QA department

We create a QA department from scratch.

Continuous Delivery

Automating the application lifecycle promoting continuous delivery of value.