Innovative SME

We are an Innovative SME! In 2019 Profile has obtained the seal granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, currently the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of the Government of Spain.

To enter the registry of innovative SMEs, the Ministry values ​​various aspects such as the realization of Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+i) projects, as well as other financial questions, human resources and innovative processes.

With this accreditation, the innovative nature of Profile’s business activity is recognized.

PROFILE SOFTWARE SERVICES S.L. (Profile) provides services to a large number of clients in diverse sectors and works with all kinds of professional profiles in the Information Technology (IT) industry. This portfolio has given our company a large amount of experience, especially with large multinational companies.

Profile was founded in 1999 and is an independent company with 100% national capital. Offices have been established in Barcelona, Madrid and Sevilla, and currently consist of a team of professionals that provide services such as technology consulting, analysis, and development to some of the most well-known companies in the country.

From the very beginning, we have accompanied our clients as partners, adding real value to their innovation processes from a specialized point of view and with the most modern technologies. During this journey we focus on transparency, flexibility, and simplicity—all of which are characteristic of our company—leading to mutual satisfaction and long-term relationships with all of our clients.

Profile holds a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The purpose of this quality management policy is to serve as a reference framework for the implementation of management systems and the establishment and revision of quality-based objectives. For this, the organization has established a series of standards in which its management systems are based:

  • Strict control and monitoring of all provided services to ensure compliance with the requirements agreed upon by the client.
  • Honesty, which has led us to gain the trust of our clients and providers.
  • Daily work with the objective to improve our clients’ satisfaction in relation to the service we provide.
  • The conviction to treat our employees correctly and as members of a team, striving to maintain a high level of satisfaction and offering, in most cases, a direct relationship with the directors of the company.

In addition, it ensures:

  • The compliance with the applicable legal requirements and others specific to the organization, such as the established reference standards.
  • Continuous improvement of the implemented quality management systems, which are adapted regularly according to the changes in the organization.

Management ensures that this policy is communicated and understood by all company personnel, and its importance for the proper functioning of the company is emphasized. In addition, management periodically reviews this policy to guarantee that it remains appropriate to needs of the company.