We obtain tangible, iterative, and incremental results from the very start of the project. We minimize costs while increasing the flexibility, transparency, innovation, competitiveness, and productivity in your software projects.

For us, Agile is more than a new approach to work methodologies, it is a mindset, it is part of our culture, and because of that, we encourage it to extend to all members of Profile. In our Centers of Agile Development, we share spaces with various teams using different agile methodologies and applying the appropriate techniques per-case basis.

How we do it



  • Transparency: We inform and involve you throughout the entire project so that you are always up to date with the development of the product or service. We do not settle for simple burndown or flow control charts, instead we help you understand exactly what information you need and provide personalized reporting. Likewise, feedback in real time makes it easy for us to always react quickly.
  • Right product: Continuous feedback, not just at the end of an iteration, assures that we are creating the right product: one that is aligned with your goals, requirements, and needs. In addition, it substantiates that we are delivering the best value possible at each moment.
  • Embrace change: We embrace change. Not only do we adapt to it, but we more than welcome it as a source of improvement and innovation. We focus on the daily work between clients and teams in order to develop what you actually need. We prioritize client collaboration above a business contract.
  • Focus on Quality: We integrate testing into the life cycle, thus achieving an intrinsic link between quality and development. We also periodically carry out inspections of and adaptation tasks for the development process to ensure the maximum quality of the delivered work at all times.

day by day

  • Scrum: We work with the Scrum methodology, allowing for the iterative and incremental delivery of value to the end user, while the teams themselves take ownership of the product and work together with Product Owners. Everything is facilitated by our Scrum Masters, who make sure that the entire process works and that the team becomes a high performance team.
  • Kanban: We implement complete Kanban systems. We achieve an effective pull system for managing work in the most efficient way possible where collaboration between teams and the client is of the utmost importance.
  • Management 3.0: We believe the objective is to work together to find the most efficient way to reach your business goals while at the same time maintaining employee happiness as a priority. We continually try out and implement different practices until we find the right fit.
  • Visual Thinking: In our work sessions we employ a variety of strategies and techniques based on visual thinking. This helps us better understand a situation, identify problems, find solutions, and generate new ideas.
  • Technical Agility: Our agile teams apply agile programming techniques to create high quality solutions that are aligned with business goals. We are continuously testing out and creating new techniques.



We work to achieve teams that are truly agile, mature, and with a high degree of autonomy. Transmitting agility and promoting agile methodologies to our teams is one of our priorities. We do this through a process of coaching based on:

  • Limitless education: We regularly provide Agile training. We create a solid foundation from which to grow that can later be put into practice when working together in teams.
  • Self-managed teams: We encourage teams to become masters of the tools that were previously provided to them. The goal is, always, a self-organized team.
    Supporting teams: We help teams with those doubts or impediments that arise on a day-to-day basis.
  • Non-stop Learning: In addition, the Agile Team is in a state of constant internal inspection and adaptation. We test new and different techniques in controlled environments to achieve the much desired, continuous improvement.

Projects Agile Mindset

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