These are some of the projects in which we have helped our clients in their process towards digitization.

New portal for intermediaries

Simplifying the management of the intermediary network of the nation’s leading private health insurance.

Morningstar Platform

A new portal to contract and manage pension plans 100% online.

Integration Tirea SDP

Defining an integration solution for SDP and Lex agreements.

New Architecture

Helping to modernize the technology base that underpins the digital assets of Grupo Pelayo.

Continuous Delivery

Automatizando el ciclo de vida de las aplicaciones fomentando la entrega continua de valor.

Continuous Delivery

Helping Fiatc reduce time-to-delivery by automating and simplifying deployment processes.

Fetal Medicine BCN App

A simple solution that offers especially useful tools.


Faster and simpler. We improve usability and intuitiveness.

Displays Design

Improving the shopping experience for Abacus customers.


Helping to transform the culture of this great organization.