This is how we helped Mutua Madrileña

The project has had an excellent result. Mutua has become the first company to integrate the SDP Lex agreement with its systems, and not only the problems have been solved with total solvency, but it has also been achieved by ensuring that the user is very satisfied with the result, which is worthy of merit, given the complexity of integration. This would not have been possible without the effort and collaboration of the Profile team.

Francisco Gonzalez Muñoz, Product Owner – Mutua Madrileña

With this new challenge, Profile positions itself as a pioneer in offering a global interconnection solution for TIREA with Mutua Madrileña.




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Integration of the CORE of Autos Performance of Mutua Madrileña with the TIREA platform

The Challenge

Mutua Madrileña, the first general insurance company in Spain, with more than 11 million customers, is immersed in an ambitious plan of digital transformation. The company once again relied on Profile, this time to develop an integration platform that would allow TIREA (web portal for the management of personal injury claims resulting from traffic accidents that is available to lawyers and insurance companies) to be interconnected with the CORE application, which governs the core of self-benefits within Mutua Madrileña.

In parallel to this integration, it was necessary to create an interface that, not only respected the functionality offered by the TIREA portal, but also allowed all the events and actions carried out to have a record and effect within the general system, according to the elements recognized by CORE itself. This interface had to be an independent application, which could be used both within the intranet itself and embedded within CORE.

With this new challenge, Profile positions itself as a pioneer in offering a global interconnection solution for TIREA’s SDP system (Personal Damage Processing System) with a large insurer such as Mutua Madrileña.

Our Solution

Profile proposed to Mutua Madrileña an integral solution made with the latest versions of the archetypes represented in application architecture and style guides.

Along with the implementation of standards and quality metrics, we defined a set of independent elements, but perfectly coupled and interconnected with each other, adapted to the TIREA Portal and synchronized with Mutua Madrileña’s CORE.

The architecture of the technical solution consists of:

  • Connectivity client with the TIREA portal
  • Serialization Library
  • Data management library
  • Library of access to document manager
  • Graphic interface for content management
  • Connectivity library with MM CORE (SGE)

The tools used were:

  • Gitlab / Bitbucket: for the creation of code repositories associated with applications
  • Kiuwan and Sonar: for static code analysis
  • Jenkins: for the construction of versions
  • Ansible: for the deployment of versions

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