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We outlined both applications (client area and contracting application) focusing on usability, loading speed, and accessibility from any device.





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Web Development

Development and integration of the new CNP Morning Star web portal

The Challenge

CNP Partners is a spanish insurance company, subsidiary of the CNP Assurances group (one of the main European insurance groups, listed on the Fortune 500 list), specialized in life insurance and pension plans.

To complement their line of business “savings-forecast”, they have entered into an agreement with Morningstar, an independent investment analysis provider in 27 countries in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, for the online commercialization of pension plans.

With the aim of offering a quality service to their customers, the need arose to create a website from which everyone interested in contracting one of the three pensions plan which CNP Partners developed in collaboration with Morningstar could contract a 100% online process.

It was also necessary to create a user area from which the client could carry out all the different procedures associated with their pension plans in a completely digital manner.

Our Solution

In Profile we outlined both applications (client area and contracting application) focusing on usability, loading speed, and accessibility from any device.

For this we decided to rely on the proven Angular + Bootstrap set as a framework on which to build our frontend code.

In this way we managed to offer, on the one hand, a fast and efficient user experience, thanks to the model MVC-client side of Angular, and on the other, ability to offer the same experience in any type of device thanks to the facilities that Bootstrap offers. model responsive interfaces.

Regarding the backend, we opted for a decoupled model between backend and frontend, with integration through APIs.

The main backend framework is Spring Boot, with which in Profile we have extensive experience. We rely on libraries like Lombok for the agile coding of classes with common structures, and on Liquibase to carry out an exhaustive control of changes on the database.

The API is fully documented with Swagger (based on the Springfox library that enables integration with Swagger for Spring Boot) and is published in the corporate API Manager, in this case WSO2.

Spring Boot and an adequate modular design also facilitated the integration needs of this application with multiple business architecture elements through SOAP / XML and REST / JSON web services: content manager, reporting engine, backend business services, etc.

The result has been a mutual benefit between CNP Partners and Profile: we have been able to focus on offering value with a highly self-organized team model and CNP Partners has seen how the trust placed in the team and the methodology has been reflected in the fact that the different marked milestones in the medium and long term have been met without problems.

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