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Architecture and development of applications

“Our natural environment is the web”

We are experts in enterprise architectures

Based on our knowledge and experience in large projects, in Profile, we are able to design, program, connect and implement effective and efficient applications, platforms and systems. At the same time, we keep aligned with your needs and business objectives.

In both Backend and Frontend, we form a highly qualified technological team, prepared to tackle the challenges of digital transformation.


Enterprise web architectures

Technology for digital transformation

We enjoy creating solid and flexible frameworks to best support client applications, whether using microservice architectures for omnichannel applications with Docker lightweight containers in the cloud, or using JEE applications on robust and established business platforms.

Frontends for the digital era

Evolution of web interfaces for multichannel markets

The environments for frontend frameworks have evolved. We create real 21st century web experiences, thanks to the excellent front-end technologies released in recent years: Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML5, among many others.

>>Success story: Frontend Architecture for insurance company<<

Web applications

Agile and robust technology stacks

We have a great deal of experience with the technologies that form part of enterprise stacks. We develop using the Agile methodology and expert knowledge of frameworks such as Spring, JEE, and Hibernate. We never stop adding technologies to our stack.

Apification, development and API Management

The engine of digital economy

We create and implement apification strategies to modernize and renew business architectures.

By allowing processes o be implemented without the need to program them again, APIs accelerate development and represent an engine for the digital transformation of companies.

API management includes the publication, documentation, integration and supervision of an organization’s APIs. It is a fundamental procedure to guarantee APIs quality control and security.

In Profile, we take care of design, construction and governance of APIs through:

  • Implementation and management of API Gateway products (IBM API Connect, 3scale de Red Hat, WSO2)
  • Definition of API development standards
  • Life cycle management
  • Open API services documentation (Swagger)
  • API client development
  • Securing and versioning

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